Are You Emo...Find out!!

Emo is a lifestyle. It's a type of music, and a type of clothes. The lifestyle is dark and slightly mysterious, and sometimes hard to live. Emos are people who feel more "hard" than other people, but over time they grow to not feel anything at all.

So...the question is, ARE YOU EMO? Do you have the thoughts, the beleifs, the feelings of a true emo? Do you look like an emo on the outside and inside? Find out now!

Created by: Dizzie Lizzie
  1. Do you feel that no one understands you, and that you are alone in the world?
  2. If the choice, what would you wear to school?
  3. Do you care about people?
  4. Do you love to write poems or music?
  5. What animal would represent you?
  6. Have you ever cut yourself?
  7. If a fight broke out in the cafiteria, would you...
  8. Have you ever told someone about how you feel?
  9. If you had a free night, would you...
  10. What is your outside apperance?

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Quiz topic: Am I Emo...Find out!!