How Grunge Are You?

There are many grungeheads, but there are lots of posers out there. A grungehead is someone who doesn't give any type of s--- about people's opinions and just lives the lifestyle of doing what they want.

Are YOU a grungehead? Do you wear flannels and ripped jeans or shorts? Ugly sweaters? Do you listen to grungy music and not care about what others think? In a few minutes, you'll find out!

Created by: dustydoggy
  1. What music do you listen to?
  2. What's Your Fashion Style?
  3. When Did Grunge Die Out?
  4. Courtney Love?
  5. When Did Grunge Become Popular?
  6. What's Your Attitude Like?
  7. Free-Spirited or Conservative?
  8. Rad or Sad?
  9. Do you smoke?
  10. Why Are You Taking This Quiz?
  11. Favorite Colors?
  12. How Is Your Hair?
  13. Soundgarden?
  14. Did You Like This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: How Grunge am I?