Do you follow the vampirism lifestyle?

There is a small fraction of people who live the vampire lifestyle. You may or may not be one of them. Well, there is one way for you to find out if you are one or not.

Although this quiz is pretty accurate about vampirism, do not be surprised if your results don't sound right. If it doesnt you can give yourself time or take it again.

Created by: Devan
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What kind of food do u like?
  2. Your favorite drink is...
  3. You are a...
  4. How do u get your energy?
  5. How do u feel about sex?
  6. You sleep in _ most of the time
  7. Your friends are...
  8. Where would you like to go on vacation?
  9. You are attracted to...
  10. What would you want for a pet?
  11. Your favorite movie genre?
  12. My favorite music is...

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Quiz topic: Do I follow the vampirism lifestyle?