Are You Easily Embarrassed?

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There are people who are EASY and those who are KOOL KATS when it comes to getting embarrassed. What does it mean to be easily embarrassed? It means everyone knows your weaknesses and can easily embarrass you; a KOOL KAT is the exact opposite.

Are YOU a KOOL KAT, EASY!, or INBETWEEN? Does everyone know how to embarrass you or are you a tricky target? Answer these 12 simple questions to find out!

Created by: hm41226

  1. Your Pants Split At A Crowded Resturant....You....
  2. How Frequently Does Your Face Turn Red?
  3. What Scenario(s) Are Most Embarrassing?
  4. Do People Embarrass You Often?
  5. Do You Hide When You Are Extremely Embarrassed?
  6. Have You Ever Cried Because You Were So Embarrassed?
  7. What Do You Do When People Stare At You Because Of What You Did?
  8. Are you more....
  9. Do You Get Embarrassed When You Do Clutzy Stuff?
  10. Did You Enjoy This Quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I Easily Embarrassed?