How Easily Will you Die?

Will you die easily?Will you die by an extreme amount of body damage? Are you almost invincible?Let's see! This simple 12-step quiz will let you know your endurance!

Are you ready to see"How Easily Will you Die?"I hope so.If not,maybe you shouldn't take this quiz.Simple questions like"Do you pay attention in class?"will COMPLETELY change your score!

Created by: DeadSpace

  1. Do you commonly close your eyes?
  2. Do you pay attention in class?Be honest.
  3. Are you lonely?
  4. Have you served in the military?
  5. Are you fine with your previous answers?
  6. Bored yet?(this will not effect your answers-the last one won't as well)
  7. Do you think you'll die easily?
  8. Are you afraid of the future?
  9. How do you think you'll die?(no effect on score)
  10. Last question!Are you ready for your answers?(no effect on score)

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Quiz topic: How Easily will I Die?