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  • My mom told me that I have dyslexia, also I don't think just because people good at math doesn't mean they definitely not dyslexic. And plus, Albert Einstein have dyslexia :/

    Doodle nerd
    • There is actually a different learning disability for those who are bad at math, some call it math dyslexia. It is called Dyscalculia, people can be amazing at math. Dyscalculia Is the math version, theres a difference. The Quiz said I didnt have dyslexia but B00M Ive been diagnosed.

    • It said I read normally, but I read really slow. So.....and I think I personally have a little bit more dexlexiea than 20%. So.....yeah.

  • Are You Dyslexic?
    Your Result: You Are Not Dyslexic! 93%

    You Are Not Dyslexic! You see things as they are and read right. You don't see anything as the opposite of how it is and you don't read backwards! You are not dyslexic at all.

    8% You Are Dyslexic!
    Oh, good.

  • ok this quiz made me SO mad,dyslexia altemetly does not make you dumb maybe im just saying that because i was diagnosed by a DOCTER and this quiz told me i was not dyslexic just because i got the questions right most of these questions are just questions that would be on a test at SCHOOL and they have NOTHING to do with dyslexia, also albert einstin, alexander grambel, thomas edison and many other scientists had dyslexia!do your research before making quizes

    pea brain
  • Dude I'm dyslexic as in I've been tested many times. But apparently I'm only 17% dyslexic

  • dyslexia is not everything is backwards its just thinking difrent than everyone else

    Anxiety trash
  • Also I am dyslexic and hadh 2 Srry if I dident read al uf ur coments it was madink mi hed urht

  • i am apperently dislexic

    Sundew WoF

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