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  • I have femine energy,good, cause I'm a girl, I can say 81% is right, cause the other 22% is my tom boy side

    Funtimefoxy Mar 18 '19, 9:01pm
  • I have Feminine energy. Thats good..... considering i'm a female.

    Penny1256 Feb 6 '19, 11:30am
  • Feminine energy

    psychoboy Jan 8 '19, 11:09pm
  • Your Result: Masculine - Ambitious Anima



    You' re leaning more towards the masculine end of the energy spectrum, which isn't surprising considering how our productivity-focuse d society favours and rewards the use of masculine energy. Take a step back, slow down, and consider how living cut-off from your body and your core might be compromising your mental and sexual health. Breathe in! And take a nature walk or engage in any calming activity to harmonize your feminine side.

    Swell quiz
    But Imma gurl

    LordessNiggle08 Dec 6 '18, 5:14am