Are You Desperate For A Restroom?

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Bathroom quizzes are often seen as silly and immature, but if you need to use the bathroom, they can tell you exactly when you need to go. Urinating is often ignored until it’s getting late. So don’t wait! Take this quiz!

Don’t worry, this quiz will not have any crazy difficult questions like squatting for a minute. I don’t want anyone feeling bad because their pants are wetter than the ocean. So don’t be afraid. Take this quiz for fun, or to find out where you stand!

Created by: Banana Split 34

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  1. First question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you have to go?
  2. If you had to pay 30 dollars for a chance to go, would you?
  3. If your bladder could talk, what would it be saying right now?
  4. How long have you been waiting to go to the bathroom for?
  5. How long do you think it will be until you reach your “bursting point?”
  6. Read this: Drip, Drop, Splish, Splash, River, Pain, Explode!
  7. What movements are you making right now to hold it in?
  8. If anyone was with you, would they be able to tell that you gotta go?
  9. If you don’t need to go, please take another fun quiz. Are you staying?
  10. Do ten jumping jacks. Quickly! What happened?
  11. Story time! You are babysitting a bratty four year old girl named Sinatra. You are in town and stop and McDonalds for a few drinks. You finish your two bottles and take Sinatra to the bathroom. You don’t go because you want to get out of here in Sinatra is getting cranky. You guys walk along and Sinatra complains that she doesn’t want her water anymore but doesn’t want it to waste. She begs you to drink it and even throws in a few tears. You reluctantly do as she says but with little thought. An hour later, you are practically bursting. You beg Sinatra for a bathroom break but she refuses. She has her eye on a new splash pad that just opened...
  12. I will continue the story later. Close your eyes and imagine flowing streams, leaking sinks, waterfalls, cool showers, anything. What happens?
  13. Relax all your muscles for five seconds. How hard was this?
  14. How full do you think your bladder is?
  15. If someone else needed to use the bathroom too, would you let them?
  16. Back to our story: The water is splashing, gushing, falling. The place makes you drip a little. You tell Sinatra “definitely not!” But then she threatens to tell her parents she had been neglected. Plus, she already has her swimming suit on. You sigh and unfortunately, have to watch her. The splashing is unbearable and you close your eyes and hope the torture will stop. Her parents come and Sinatra, upset she has to leave so soon, lies and says you were mean to her. You get no money. With no ride, no money, and an aching bladder, you slowly limp home. Suddenly, it starts to rain. The drops soak your white top. And that’s not the only thing that’s soaked. Thanks to the sound of the water, you wet your pants. “I hate babysitting,” you think. “Next time, I’ll just stay home instead.”
  17. Would you rather have your crush ask you out or would you rather go to the bathroom.
  18. How does that bladder feel?
  19. Say, “Water goes splash, splash, splash” then make the sound of a river. Do this five times.
  20. Thanks for taking this quiz. Any last words?

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