Are You Dehydrated

Hello people of the internet, I have here brought you a small quiz! This quiz will ask you serious questions about your health, this will lead to the question you asked yourself, are you dehydrated?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor but I have done my research to give you honest questions that hopefully wont make you unconformable. If this does I am sorry. Enjoy!

Created by: darksoul27
  1. On an average, how many cups/bottles of water do you drink daily?
  2. When you use the bathroom, usually your pee is what colour?
  3. Do you have redness in your skin colour mostly on your face?
  4. Does your mouth ever seem really dry or foamy?
  5. Does your breath stink?
  6. Do you experience regular dizziness?
  7. Test This: Press your finger on your arm, as hard as possible. How long does it take for the regular colour of your skin to come back (Circulation)?
  8. How chapped are your lips?
  9. How dry is your skin?
  10. Do you often get sick to your stomach?
  11. Does your pee burn?

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