Are You Dehydrated?

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Ever wonder if you are dehydrated? Take a short 10 question quiz and you'll get your quick results. The lower your score, will show that you are doing a great job at staying hydrated. The higher your score, Uh-Oh, you may need to get some water in ya!

Just remember, this is for fun. Not meant to bring anyone down. And if it sounds like you may be dehydrated, don't worry, it's not too late to start hydrating properly!

Created by: Sheana K.
  1. Are you constantly feeling tired?
  2. Does your urine appear to be dark yellow in color?
  3. Do your muscles cramp easily? (during normal activities, workouts etc)
  4. Do you feel hungry all the time/strange food cravings?
  5. Are you constantly constipated?
  6. Getting lightheaded way too much?
  7. Are your constantly feeling thirsty?
  8. Suffering from constant headaches or migraines?
  9. You feel drunk at times, even though you had no alcohol consumption?
  10. Having dry mucous membranes? (dry eye, dry mouth etc.)

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