Are You Dead Yet?

Do you want to see if you are dead yet, have some fun, or just see my bad spelling? You never know you might just be a ghost. If you are a ghost I feel sorry for you as you have no friends and are very lonely.

Are you dead yet? It's important to know. So take my test and see if you are still breathing. You never now if you are dead or not, but if a person says that you're dead then maybe they just want to kill you--it's just an expression.

Created by: ben

  1. Can you feel anything?
  2. Are you in a world of clouds?
  3. Are you in a wooden box in the ground?
  4. Have you seen god?
  5. When was the last time you were ill?
  6. Do you know if you are dead?
  7. Can you see Elvis Presley?
  8. Is everything perfect?
  9. Are you smart and popular?
  10. Do you go to school?

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