Are you cut out to be a Barrel Racer?

There are so many horse riders in the world but some of the most special ones are barrel racers. They can decide their fate in as little as fifteen or sixteen seconds.

Are YOU cut out to be a barrel racer? Do you have the horse skills to be a special horse racer? A barrel Racer? If so step right on up and take the quiz!

Created by: Caleigh

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  1. What should you always do after a good hard run?
  2. How many barrels are in the barrel pattern?
  3. In the NFR( National Finals Rodeo) how many seconds are tacked onto your original time if you hit a barrel?
  4. What are the boots called that most horses wear in case their hoobes clip?
  5. How many legs does a horse have?
  6. What type of riding is barrel racing?
  7. Do you love horses?
  8. What are those things called that clicks when you pass them once and stops your time when you pass again?
  9. Do you have to wear a helmet while barrel racing?
  10. Should you look down at the barrel when turning it?

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Quiz topic: Am I cut out to be a Barrel Racer?