Are You Crazy???

Yeeowww!! I am crazy, but are you??!!!!!! This test determines the sane and insane!! At the end of every possible result are my little words of wisdom. It was incredibly boring typing six possibly outcomes especially since I could be bugging the s--t out of some special right now. ENJOY!!!!!

I am supposed to write more here but i got things to do people to see so i will leave you with this: 'Alright now lose it, Just Lose It, Go Crazy aaahh, Oh Baby ah, Oh Baby ah.' The wise wise words of Eminem. DETROIT!!!!!

Created by: Siobhan

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  1. Do you get into fist fights with people twice your size?
  2. Have you ever drank yourself into obliviation?
  3. Have you ever blown an extravagently large amount of money on a shopping trip and not know what you spent half of it on?
  4. Which well known personality best describes yours?
  5. What is your favorite colour?
  6. What is your favorite animal?
  7. In high school were you
  8. How open minded are you?
  9. How open minded are you?
  10. Have you ever broken the law?

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Quiz topic: Am I Crazy???