How crazy are you??

This here is a Quiz for all of you who question there frame of mind so if you have ever sat back and wonder if it was just a feel or reality take a few seconds to find out. Maybe your not as crazy as you think take it and find out

Are "YOU", paranoid, nervous, a little "OFF your rocker", or just down right crazy well find out lets see if your crazy enought who knows you might learn something new about yourself but i'm sure your ok maybe

Created by: amanda sanborn
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you sometimes talk to yourself?
  2. Do you always suspect someones out to get you
  3. Do you think your boyfriend/girlfriend is crazy
  4. What color do you like the best
  5. What is your shoe size
  6. How many times a day do people tell you your crazy
  7. What time do you normally wake up wiht out a alarm clock
  8. What number do you like best
  9. How tall are you
  10. What kind of pet do you have

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Quiz topic: How crazy am I??