Are You Coke or Pepsi?

Who would have known that you of all people could finish this quiz and live... Oh wow.. That's awesome. I know it just killed you... Didn't it... Well you better call 911?

J/K I don't know what else to say so please just take the quiz. You will see which cola brand you are!

Created by: MindyKins

  1. Okay, first of all... Lets see.. Do you drink Pepsi or coke more often.
  2. Okay... Now that we know that.. What letter does your name start with?
  3. Whats your favortie number from one to one hundred?
  4. Okay.. Do you like this quiz or is it really boring.
  5. Okay Does coke and Pepsi come from the same company?
  6. Which one taste better?
  7. Do you think that they should come in little glass bottles or stay with the plastic?
  8. What should be the animal for Pepsi?
  9. How about coke
  10. Okay so be totally honest.. Did you like the quiz or was it completly gay?

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Quiz topic: Am I Coke or Pepsi?