Are You A Coke Fiend?

A lot of people indulge in party favors now and then, but there's a line between the casual coke user and the coke fiend. Some may go into the bathroom with their friends just for kicks, while others make 20 trips a night to get a taste of that sweet sweet gutter glitter.

So, in the hopes of illuminating your own coke use, I've created this quiz to help you figure out just where you land on the continuum. With any luck, you're a true coke fiend just like yours truly.

Created by: KristenKorvette

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  1. It's Friday night and you just got paid. Your friend is placing an order for the evening. You:
  2. Your implement of choice is:
  3. "Adrenaline," by Rosetta Stone, "Twist of Cain," by Danzig, "Nosecandy," by Leaetherstrip, or "Accuracy," by The Cure makes you want to:
  4. It's 2am and you're running low. A friend asks you for a bump. You:
  5. It's 3am and your bag is empty. You:
  6. You get home after a night of partying and realize you have half a bag left.
  7. You've squeezed into the bathroom with as many as:
  8. You're at a bar and it's your friend's birthday. Of course, they are serving cake. You:
  9. You have the phone number for:
  10. When doing lines you use:
  11. You have an empty bag. You:
  12. For a bump you've:

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Quiz topic: Am I A Coke Fiend?