Which Soda Are You ??

Everybody drinks soda or have in their lives..why not try to figure out which soda you are matched with or that is best suited for you. Whether or not you're a coke person or a pepsi person, everybody is represented in this quiz.

Ever wondered "which soda am i most like?" well now all your wandering brains can finally have an answer with this inspiring quiz. Go find out your inner soda soulmate!

Created by: Erykaaah

  1. How popular would you consider yourself to be? (and be honest)
  2. Are you black or white?
  3. Do you find this quiz interesting??
  4. Gotta do it...Whats your favorite color ??
  5. Which Soda do you drink the most?
  6. When You go to a restaraunt, which do you prefer?
  7. Do you remember your first soda?
  8. Who has the best commercials ??
  9. brothers or sisters??
  10. ready for this to be over?

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Quiz topic: Which Soda am I ??