Are You Capable Of Killing Someone?

****THIS QUIZ IS ONLY FOR PLAY, DON'T TAKE ANY ADVICE FROM THIS QUIZ**** For as long as people could remember, there have been murders. They are often cruel, and non caring toward's there vitims. What makes them that way? Many things, sometimes, It just takes a moment of anger and hate.

Could you be the next killer? Yes? No? Not sure? This quiz could help you find out. Search deep in side your self for the right answer, or don't, you just need to rate high! ;)

Created by: Kittixkat

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  1. First Question: How many times a day do you think about killing some one.
  2. Do you turtore animals?
  3. Do you hurt your other siblings?
  4. Have you commit any crimes? (major crimes count as well)
  5. Do you care about other's emotions/feelings
  6. Could you live with hurting someone to get something you want
  7. Have you ever cut yourself?
  8. What do you do when you get pissed off at someone?
  9. How do you deal with anger? (pick the one you mostly do)
  10. Does the prospect of dying scare you
  11. Which word best describes you?
  12. How do you react to people that are different from you?

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Quiz topic: Am I Capable Of Killing Someone?