Are you black or white?

BLACKS! They are the "coloreds" and I myself am a black person. Once rejected by whites but some ran and survived. And some did not. And I pray that that will not happen again.

WHITES! Sometimes high and classy. Sometimes like normal people.

Created by: Eli

  1. If you are mad at someone, what do you do?
  2. When you laugh are you HAHA or hehe
  3. What do you eat/drink
  4. If you could b---- slap a random person would you
  5. What are you
  6. Are you white
  7. Ok I'm bored
  8. Why did you take this
  9. Sooo how was this test
  10. Ok bye ( left
  11. Btw I'm ten and f--- you if you chose b----

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Quiz topic: Am I black or white?