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  • The message at the end of the quiz is very sweet though, thank you for that :3

    If anyone is reading this youre beautiful no matter what, no matter what you think. Everybody has a different sense of beauty as well, just because you might not like how you look doesnt mean nobody else does. Although it does suck to not like how you look :/

    But its ok I think ure beautiful :)

    Unless u dont want me to then idk u look fine idk lol ok bye

  • Im not sad that Im slightly heavier Im sad that people call me chicken bone or twig

    Plus Im sad at some of these questions/answers. Just because you see someone who looks better than you in your opinion doesnt mean theyre a bad person, how you look is in your DNA and you dont get to decide that. Its not their fault that someone looks ugly, same thing as its not their one fault that they look pretty.

    The girl on the ad too, maybe she needed a way to make money, or she couldve just done that because she felt comfortable doing that, or especially she didnt find anything sexual about that so looking at it and seeing it sexually is a bit rude...

    Btw some of the answers in this quiz dont work for me like Im a bit shy in how I look kinda, like sometimes I like how I look in the mirror Im like wow I am beautiful but the other days (or sometimes minutes later) I see myself and I see this disgusting piece of garbage ugly person. But when I leave the house I feel so uncomfortable wearing anything revealing at all. I feel as though, even if no one is looking that someone Is looking at me sexually and it makes me feel so uncomfortable and scared so I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable, even if I hate how I look in them myself. Also for the dress the only positive one for it was I hope ___ sees me in this which isnt what I would say, also I wouldnt say any of the other things either. Id either say hey I look nice in this or I dont feel comfortable wearin* this its kind of annoying seeing the ones where u are only thinking of someone else instead of urself

    Ok bye

  • @DubbleA Yeah her point is you are beautiful no matter who or what you are. And personally I think that's quite a good way to make a point

  • Yes! Good quiz. :)

  • really good quiz it helps girls' confidence alot.

  • you do know we can see all the answer options?


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