Are you beautiful? (girls)

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Nowadays, beauty has revolutionized into a huge scam. Skinny models are portrayed everywhere, self-confidence has gone down, and most people don't realize what true beauty is anymore.

Are you beautiful? Take this quiz and find out whether you are beautiful or not! Remember: it's the outside AND inside that counts too! This quiz will find out whether you really are beautiful or not.

Created by: Tessie
  1. Suppose I show you a poster of a perfume ad with a skinny female model on it looking very 'sexy'. Your thoughts...
  2. Suppose we are in the hallway of your school. We are walking down it, and you notice that most of the boys are staring. Your thoughts...
  3. Suppose we're at your house, and you're going to get ready for a party. As you slip into your dress, you stare at yourself in the mirror. Your thoughts...
  4. Okay, sorry for this 'personal' question, but...what's your chest like?
  5. Choose the best answer that demonstrates your strongest talent.
  6. Choose the best answer that demonstrates your personality...
  7. How tall would you consider yourself?
  8. Suppose you are at a dance. You stand around, looking awkwardly, until some boy asks for your hand (a.k.a He wants to dance with you--Kudos!) Your thoughts...
  9. Suppose you are walking down the street, and you notice this 'insanely pretty woman'. Your thoughts...
  10. What is your opinion on yourself?
  11. Thank you for taking this quiz! Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful? (girls)