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  • You are 85% beautiful!

    Hello beautiful! You have AMAZING inner & outer beauty! You're doing an outstanding job at showing it, and letting everyone know who you are. People love that you care so much. Your very attractive! Keep up the good work! (Your grade is an B+ - A+ )

    OMG! That is SOOOO true! I'm a straight A student! I LOVE learning! Luna Rocksters is so conceited! Who cares about "popular"? Be your freakin' self! Eg. I'm a MASSIVE geek, have MASSIVE heterochromia eyes (different colour each eye), ginger, overweight, funny, fun, really nice, and the nicest person in the universe (not to sound conceited, I would HATE that!)! I know I'm beautiful despite what ANYONE says. Anyway, you should judge people by personality and anyone who doesn't isn't worth it!

  • I feel great! 56 or something percent :D

    Thank goose I don't have a very large and sensitive ego!

    Thank you~*

  • I'm honestly surprised I got a 86 well thanks but I really think everyone should be a 100!

  • 81% really!?!?!?!?!?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tell myself I'm beautiful but I don't believe it... But all the quizzes are so nice thank you!!! Ok I have to stop now I'm starting to cry :'D

  • 97%, well , I think I'm More cute than beautiful!

  • dayum, i did NOT put, creepy, i got gonna change my password........ya, and phoebe, im actually not that concieted, oh, and cool sounding eyes:)

    Luna Rocksters
  • Yawn, im 100 percent pretty, WELL DUH! If you want to be popular, you have to be pretty!

    Luna Rocksters

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