Are you Awesometastic?!

What is 'Awesometastic'? It's a word I made up. To be more specific, it describes your overall greatness. Only a few special beings in society are Chosen to be awesometastic.

Are YOU awesometastic? You'd better prepare yourself - you're in for a quiz of quizziness that will inject your data into its computer of wonder and eject your awesometastic percentage of aweseometasticness. Good luck!

Created by: amazon
  1. What's your favorite gemstone listed here?
  2. In the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, what is Hobbes' favorite food?
  3. Which of these authors has written thought-provoking books such as One, and The Bridge Across Forever?
  4. You don't have to just have 'brain smarts' for this quiz. Pick the most random word listed here.
  5. Here's another 'book smarts' question. What is the political capital of Fiji, a South Pacific island nation?
  6. What's the best place to relax?
  7. In your opinion, is it better to be the oldest child in your family or the youngest? It doesn't matter if you're not, just say which you think is better.
  8. Which word below is spelled correctly?
  9. Which is more dangerous?
  10. What's your favorite body part?
  11. What's the best kind of pie?
  12. sdrawkcab noitseuq siht rewsna

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