Are you as smart as me

Well you want to see how smart you are well I am not sure if this is really efficient but you can see how smart you are compared to me I am desperate for characters

Well are you as smart as me really well I guess time to find out But don't count on it I am very hard to beat in smartness really i am Don't believe me try it

Created by: crazy x2

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  1. Who are the main character/s of H2O Just Add Water seasons 1&2
  2. How old is Draculuara
  3. How many people is Erin Hunter
  4. When is the Passover
  5. What does Pocahontas mean
  6. How long is a decade
  7. What is a ruble
  8. What is the Greek name for Athene
  9. What does H2O stand for
  10. What is PIE backwards

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Quiz topic: Am I as smart as me