Are You and Bella Swan Alike?

There are many Characters in Twilight and there are lots of quizzes on go to quiz of which character are you, but see if your like bella swan, the main character in the twilight saga.

So are YOU like Bella Swan, Are you Clumsy, Is Edward Cullen your dream Boyfriend Are you a brunette with brown eyes ... Take this Quiz and find out!

Created by: Original-E
  1. Hair colour?
  2. Eye Colour
  3. Skin Tone?
  4. Your first day of school, What do you wear?
  5. Wanna be a Vampire?
  6. Favourite colour?
  7. Pick a Car (I would recommend looking on google if you don't know what it looks like)...
  8. Like Receiving Gifts.
  9. How is your hair?
  10. How are your nails?
  11. OK, So your first day of school (not literally your first day like when you were 3)and you see the guy/girl you like, and you fall on the floor thanks to your clumsiness.
  12. Pick one
  13. Favourite Movie or Book?

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Quiz topic: Am I and Bella Swan Alike?