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  • Are you an itiot?

    Your Result: You are borderline of normal and idiotic.


    I know sometimes people in this catagory don't really feel complete. They feel they need to figure out their true identity. Sometimes they are even worried they may spend the rest of their life wondering what they are.If you really want to know there is only 1 way to tell. Type "I am so normal, me, an idiot, never!" below. If you chose to try this, you better do it now before you read the rest. If you actually tried to type that quote below, I think you idiotic identity is found.

    83% You are 100% idiotic!
    58% You are 100% normal!

    yay!i tried it but nothing happened...did i do it wrong?(i did tri to kill a bug on the other side of the window but it keeped running awayXD)

    blue and gold101
  • An idiot quiz with that many mispellings? You probably should pick up a book rather than spent all your time on the internet.

  • Ffff, 100% Itiot. Lol Itiot.

    It made my day. How ever, quite the rude to not add "Or perhaps, you just pretend to be itiot to hide your genius side."

    But really, itiot?
    Spelling lessons would do good for you.

  • You spelled "idiot" wrong?

  • I can't tell if losers was spelled wrong on purpose or not the person who made the quiz is obviously the "itiot"

  • i am 100% normal yay!!!!!

  • lol... 100% normal..


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