are you an idiot?

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There are so many smart people, but few are idiots. Do you think you are smart, well try this test and you will find the real truth about being smart or being an idiot.

Are YOU an idiot? Do you have the brainpower of a 2 year old? Well take this quiz and find out for good! THIS QUIZ IS VERY ACCURATE, I PROMISE! IT TOOK ME 1 HOUR TO MAKE!

Created by: Carson Smalarz

  1. Do you like to sniff people?
  2. Do you like to stare at people?
  3. what would you pick? Dino or giant nose
  4. would you rather get a new butt cheek or a new belly button
  5. do you like to watch people crap in a bottle or crap in a trash can
  6. would you rather live in your moms butt whole or someone else's?
  7. how do you spend your day?
  8. can you go two hours doing absolutely nothing?
  9. do you like looking at pervs?
  10. have you ever licked someone's butt?

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Quiz topic: Am I an idiot?