Are you an angel or devil

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Hello this is a quiz where you can see what your sport I’d there is no Scientific research this is just for fun! Thank you for taking this quiz UwU XD

Warning⚠:this quiz is not meant for kids I’m sorry if this is offensive I made this with friends names:Megan sroczynski,Daryna thank you for the help ☺😊 crudeness to them for questions 8 and 9!

Created by: Abigayle Rowe

  1. You are walking with your friends, they stop in front of a wall and tell you to do graffiti you.....
  2. You see someone getting bullied you...
  3. Do you think you’re an angel or devil or both?
  4. Your having a talk with your parents and they ask impress you’ve been doing drugs you say...
  5. (Warning: mcyt answers this does not effect your score just a funny question),you hear someone swear you...?
  6. your friends join a gang they ask you to join you...?
  7. Your getting bullied you..?
  8. What your favorite color
  9. What’s your spirt animal
  10. What do you think of children

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Quiz topic: Am I an angel or devil