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  • You are 80% evil, 20% good. You enjoy abusing your siblings by pulling their hair, but the angel in you manages to stop the imp in you from causing anymore destruction. It is not too late to change yet! If you behave well and stop abusing your siblings, your pets, do your homework well, etc., you may see yourself transform into an angel! Wishing you the very best of luck =D

    Other than abusing my pets this is 100% me ;P

  • 80% evil, 20% angel...nice, I am a true nightmare, just keep kids away...haha!

  • Hella this is def me a devil a true devil ni way am I goin to the liiight muuuuhahaha suckaaas ill be back in 2 days you know im the the anti christ and yall have only till 666mire days from this day 11/12/2015.

    Im comming after all if you want to talk im the real ant one and text me. Mokaakashiyainnerva mpire. ,

  • your quiz is so.....omg lol wtf!?

  • omg tht was sooooo me lolz

  • You are 80% good, 20% bad. You behave well most of the time, but you also play a few tricks on others sometimes. You know when to have fun and when not to have fun, well, most of the time. ^-^ But why not try to behave better and become a pure angel? I'm sure that's better. Good luck! =D

    heh lol sounds almost exactly like me cool quiz

  • rawrr. please do not post any offensive stuff here if you hate my quiz. =D thanks ^_~

    spam 8D

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