Are you an a**hole

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Here's a quiz to see if you're an a**hole or a good lad. Enter only the true questions, be honest! Otherwise I will shoot your family dead and make you watch.

So yeah, click the questions that describe you and you're good to go, IHDAbfhbrhsbfvewhfneabsdufyuahoiudhiaiohIHdfbiahhduifhyudhgUYGHdfagfubtagdrcbfteydfgstrgfty. That's what best describes me...

Created by: Fel
  1. What's the first thin' you do when your younger sibling asks you a favour
  2. When a friend steals your joke without giving you credit to rizz a girl what do you do
  3. When your parents ask you to do the dishes what do you do
  4. When your parents are trying to sleep and it's 2 AM what do you do
  5. When your girl/boy asks you what your doing in the bathroom what do you say
  6. When your friend asks you to shut up what do you do
  7. When your friend asks you to go to his B-day what do you do
  8. When you see a piece of trash on the floor what do you do
  9. When you cut the cheese next to someone do you
  10. When you and your family ask you what movie you want to watch on movie night what do you reccomed
  11. Are you sure that's all right? Go back and check your answers just in case

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