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  • Thirty nine percent,hm sorta true I am a bit more of a mysterious and adventurous type of person than a rule breaker and fighter but cool quiz anyways mate.

  • Nice quiz but I don't agree with my results. 39% Wild Child. That's the opposite of me. I am more like 90-100% Wild Child.

  • 100% wild child. Yeah, that's me. I'm always (ALWAYSSSSS) getting into trouble. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I'm just meant to be arrested or something lol

    Nice quiz, ciao
    (Ghettobabe4ever ♡)

  • It was awesum....i mean it did work a just need 2 answer to the questions nd vd da blink of an eye:::The Results r out!!! Nd da questions r so simple 2 undrstnd...n the no.of options make it more simpler,, hav a gud day wish u al da best may da quizzes live very long...vd a warm heart....gud bye...take care...luv u...B-)


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