How well do YOU know warrior cats? This is a tough quiz so are YOU up to the challenge? I hope so. This is totally worth it. I bet you will get a high score.

well, no one ever reads these things but i might as well put a little effort into it .EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT EFFORT SOME MORE EFFORT

Created by: Omega_Wolf

  1. Who killed Red, Stick's daughter?
  2. Antpelt died in the Dark Forest. Who killed him the second time?
  3. Which of the following is NOT a warrior name?
  4. Who is the current leader of SkyClan?
  5. What is Spottedleaf's eye color?
  6. How did Yellowfang end up in ThunderClan?
  7. What did Thunder, the first ever leader of ThunderClan, look like?
  8. What is Leopardstar's favorite fish? (it was mentioned)
  9. Who loves Squirrelflight then went all phsyco when she became mates with somebody else?
  10. Who was NOT a leader of ThunderClan?
  11. What does Thistleclaw look like?

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Quiz topic: Am I A WARRIOR CATS EXPERT????!!!!!!