Are you a vampire?

Some people truely wonder if they're a vampire, vampie, vamp, whatever. That's why I made this quiz. I love vapires, truely obsessed :). Big fan of the Twilight series too. XD

Are YOOOUUU A vamp?! Are you wondering right this instant? I bet you are. Why are you still reading this? Go take the quiz! -_- You're still here, aren't you? -_- *Silence* Okay, bye. -_-

Created by: Hayleigh of Vamps R Us :)
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  1. Do you have a tendancy to bite people?
  2. Are you pale?
  3. Are you... um... beautiful?
  4. Do you stay away from people?
  5. Can you do unordinary things? Like um... mind reading, seeing the future, that kind of stuff?
  6. Are you strong?
  7. Are you fast?
  8. Are you curious of what you will get?
  9. Do you have super hearing?
  10. Last question! Do you have really SHARP teeth! (Canines)

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Quiz topic: Am I a vampire?