Are you a true warrior cats fan?

Have you ever wondered how big of a warrior cats fan you are? Sure, you like the books, but are you a true fan, or is warrior cats only a small part of your life?

After taking this quiz, you will know whether you are really a true fan of warrior cats, or if warrior cats is only one of your many interests in life.

Created by: Hazel

  1. How many of the warriors books have you read?
  2. How many of the warriors books do you own?
  3. Do you have a warrior name for your cat?
  4. Have you made up your own warrior cats story?
  5. Do you have warrior cat OC(s) (Original Charecters)?
  6. Do you get emotional at sad scenes?
  7. Did you give yourself a warrior name?
  8. Do you tell your friends to read warriors?
  9. Do you ship the cats?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true warrior cats fan?