Are you a true Swiftie? || LYRIC QUIZ||

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There are many Taylor Swift fan but do you have what it takes to be a true fan? Just because you score low doesn’t mean your not a true fan... it just means you haven’t jammed out enough.

Do you have what it takes, to withstand the incredible pressure, fight past the urge to quit, and beat the system? Read each answer carefully because you don’t want to click the wrong button because then you’ll either have to start over or... lower your score! GOOD LUCK!!

Created by: Isabella Savage

  1. Let’s start off easy. Choose the correct word/phrase for the blank. My baby’s ___ like a jet stream
  2. Ok it’s going to get a little harder. Just try your best and you’ll do great!! “She must be ______ that girl he talks about”
  3. Let’s try something different! I’ll yell you the name of a song and you tell me which lyric is in it! The song in “RED”
  4. The next song is Look What You Made Me Do
  5. Now I’ll tell you a lyric and you tell me which song it’s from. “ now I’m standing alone in a crowded room”
  6. The next one is “ cherry Lips crystal skies”
  7. Ok now I’m going to tell you a song and you tell me which album it belongs to. first song: Dress
  8. The next song is: picture to burn
  9. Ok the song is: wildest dreams
  10. Ok here’s a bit of trivia. What year was Taylor Swift born?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Swiftie? || LYRIC QUIZ||