Are You A True Rainbow Dash Fan?!

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We'll there are Rainbow Dash FANS and Rainbow Dash lovers. Are you a fan? In a minute Rainbow Dash will start talking. And good luck! Here comes Rainbow Dash now!

Hey all, Rainbow Dash here! So are you my true fan?! I hope you are. If you are, you may work up to your very own sonic rainboom! Just like mine. So I bid my fellow ponies GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Rainbow Dash
  1. Who is Rainbow Dash?
  2. What is Rainbow Dash's nickname?
  3. What does Dash sing at the grand galloping gala? (Part of it)
  4. What does Rainbow do for Princess Mi Amore Cadenza's wedding?
  5. What is Rainbow Dash's Element of Harmony?
  6. What is Rainbow Dash's dream?
  7. What color is Rainbow Dash's body?
  8. Who was Rainbow Dash's partner in the academy episode?
  9. Species of Rainbow Dash?
  10. What is the dryer Rainbow uses on Twilight when she first comes to ponyville

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Rainbow Dash Fan?!