Are you a true POTTERHEAD??

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Ever wondered how much of a Harry Potter fan you are? Well then this is the quiz for you. With a mixture of hard and easy questions, at the end I will determine...

Are you a clever Harry Potter SUPERFAN!!! Or are you a bit behind with the facts of Harry Potter.Play this quiz and find out. You may surprise yourself...

Created by: Molofruit

  1. How many staircases are there in hogwarts
  2. How old is Nicholas Flamel?
  3. What is the max speed of a Firebolt?
  4. The visitor’s entrance to the Ministry of Magic is an abandoned red telephone booth in London. What is the five-digit code you must dial to get in?
  5. Draco Malfoy wand
  6. In Harry’s fifth year, dumbledore password to his office.
  7. What is Hagrids first name
  8. What number is on Ginnys quidditch robes?
  9. What is proffesor Trelawneys first name
  10. Who is the boy prefect in Hufflepuff.
  11. What does “spew” stand for
  12. What score do you think you will get
  13. Pick a box for a pot chance
  14. Do you want this quiz to end
  15. Order of the Phoenix or Death eater
  16. Which is the best house

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Quiz topic: Am I a true POTTERHEAD??