Are You a True Mixer?

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Little Mix are a cool and amazing girl band with many awesome, fun songs! Being a Mixer, a Little Mix fan, is brilliant and you should be proud! #MixerGoals

In this test find out just how much you know about them and whether you are a true mixer! There are twenty questions to answer all of which are multiple choice.

Created by: ForeverMixer

  1. What year did Little Mix win The X Factor?
  2. What was the name of their first ever single written by them?
  3. Where did they film their music video for Black Magic?
  4. Where did they film their music video for Secret Love Song?
  5. Which song is not from their album DNA?
  6. Which member can do a good goat impression?
  7. Which Little Mix song are these lyrics from - Nothing good comes easy, if it did I wouldnt be me?
  8. Which member wanted to be a sprinter when they were a kid?
  9. Which member has a pug and a chihuahua?
  10. Which member really loves Disney?
  11. What country did Little Mix do charity work in 2014?
  12. Which singer features on Little Mix's single How Ya Doin?
  13. Which Little Mix song has a cowgirl themed music video?
  14. Which Little Mix song are these lyrics from - I dont get paid to babysit no one, Im only looking for the one to love
  15. Which Little Mix song is a cappella?
  16. What is the name of the perfume Little Mix made?
  17. What colour is Perrie's hair in the music video to How Ya Doin?
  18. Which Little Mix song has a music video where Little Mix dress up as really geeky versions of themselves?
  19. What is the highest Black Magic peaked in the UK charts?
  20. What are the three bonus tracks in Little Mixs album Glory Days?

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