Are You A TRUE Kinetoner?

Kinetoners are... Hard to explain, really... Erm... So what is a Kinetoner? A Kinetoner is a person who can get more than 70% of this quiz right. Good luck!

A second paragraph? Seriously? Erm... Umm... Errr... I dunno. Ummm... Go! Not the best second paragraph ever but ya know :) Umm... Go?! Yeah, go!!!!!!

Created by: A TRUE Kinetoner

  1. The gang decides to meet up somewhere. You've decided a date and a time, but which activity to you choose to go to?
  2. In an anti bullying quiz, there is a question that asks you for your opinion on your friends. What is your answer?
  3. You have a pop quiz. Here is one of the questions. Which of these names is NOT a Kinetoner?
  4. When the English SATs paper appears, everyone groans. What is your reaction?
  5. You have the choice of 6 films to watch on movie day. Which do you pick?
  6. In the Internet safety lesson, the teacher asks you about film ratings. Which of these film ratings do you watch most?
  7. You take a survey and one of the questions asks you which activity you spend most time on. What's your answer?
  8. In the playground, you have the choice of three games. What game do you pick?
  9. Your best friend asks you what your favourite subject is. What is your reply?
  10. There are three programmes on the TV at one time. Which do you watch?

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Quiz topic: Am I A TRUE Kinetoner?