Are You A True Japanese Person?

Kon`nichiwa!This is my quiz, it`s not the very best but this is my first time! Everbody adores Countries and one of them is Japan! A lot may have said they are japanese but are you really sure?? I`m Japanese and take this awesome quiz to find out!

Are you Japanese?Are you Sure you are? Are you a true Japanese person? Well, take this quiz to find out! This might take a few minutes to finish! But come on! This is a great and exciting quiz! I hope you will enjoy this quiz! And I hope you get highest score possible!

Created by: Joan

  1. What Is Your Born Hair Color?
  2. Do You Study A lot?
  3. Which Country Did Japan Helped With A War In The 1600`s?
  4. What Languange Is Most Spoken In Japan?
  5. Do you wear a KIMONO?
  6. What Skin Color Are You? Not Trying To Be Races, Please...
  7. Do You Like Kanshi?(Raw Fish)
  8. What Part Of Asia Is Japan In?
  9. Last Question: What was the name of the girl in Japan who created PEACE?
  10. Bye-Bye!

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