Are You A True Indian

Indians: so different from other cultures! Most Indians have the same habits. True Indians are mostly found in India, but there are SOME true Indians in North America.

Take THIS quiz to find out if YOU are a true Indian in North America. I know im a true Indian. How about YOU? Take this quiz to find out! It'll be fun! JAI HO!

Created by: hina
  1. What is your average mark on your report card?
  2. Does your mom threaten to send you to Boarding School if you get bad grades?
  3. Do your parents have an accent?
  4. Do you know any Hindi?
  5. Is your name different, or hard to pronounce for others?
  6. Do you pray?
  7. What is your common dinner?
  8. Which of the following is a swear in Hindi?
  9. Do your Parents ALWAYS sleep in the afternoon.
  10. What tea do your parents drink?
  11. Have you ever been to India before?
  12. Can your mom bargain?
  13. Do you watch Indian TV?
  14. Are you Indian.
  15. Are your parents' FRIENDS Indian?
  16. This quiz is almost over!
  17. Byeeee!!!!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Indian