Are you a true Idahoan?

There are many people in big cities. Bustling life and cars, buildings, and concrete. And then there is Idaho. A small state who doesn't mind keeping their own buisness. A place of cowboys and old televisions. Fields and farms.

Would you like to see how Idahoan you are? Can you qualify this this states pride? You could only hope and wonder before, but now, in this quiz, you will find your true Idaho self.

Created by: Vader

  1. First question! Let's start out some basic knollege before getting too deep. Is Idaho real?
  2. Does Idaho touch the border of Canada?
  3. Is Idaho Iowa?
  4. Don't worry, we are almost to the personality part. What plant does Idaho love the most?
  5. What is the capital of Idaho?
  6. How is Boise, assuming it is a city in Idaho, pronounced?
  7. Awright, time for some personality. Do you say ain't and y'all?
  8. Do you own a gun or guns?
  9. Do you believe in personal freedom and privacy?
  10. What makes or made up most of Idaho?
  11. Do you have what city dwellers would call a large family?
  12. If yes, how many?
  13. Do you believe you could survive the apocolypse?
  14. Do you say thank you and hello to people you meet?
  15. Do you know what a dust devil is?
  16. What is Sagebrush and what can it be used for?
  17. Do you live in a big city? e.g New York, San Diego, etc.?
  18. When did Idaho become a territory and then a state?
  19. What does Idaho mean?
  20. Who named Idaho?
  21. Can you eat dandelions?
  22. Last question, do you love Idaho or would you like to live there?
  23. Do you appreciate nature?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Idahoan?