Are you a true Hunger Games fan?

There are so many smart people out there, I know it. This quiz is for people to test there knowledge. Take this quiz if you're one of those people who know everything about a film, but are never asked about it!

Are YOU a true Hunger Games fan?! Do you know everything about Katniss and Prim?! In just a few moments you will know! Good luck to you and to the rest of the world who take my quiz!!!!

Created by: Megan Olivia Hall

  1. How old was Prim when her father died?
  2. What song did Katniss's mother ban Mr Everdeen and Katniss from singing?
  3. What district did Katniss not visit in the rebellion?
  4. Who lied and said Katniss was pregnant?
  5. What is the name of Prim's goat?
  6. How does Prim die?
  7. What colour are Annie's eyes?
  8. What is Katniss's mother's first name?
  9. How do you spell the place where Snow lives?
  10. What is the proper name for the Star Squad?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Hunger Games fan?