Are you a true fnaf fan?

Did you get a high score?Good for you!YOU DID WELL!Now go brag at idiots and make them think twice taking a quiz!I hope you have an MLG day and have fun😎

Did you get a low score?Shame on you!You're not a true can and you will never be!Now sit and listen to the ones who got 65+ and sit in the corner and rethink your choices!😤😣😬😠

Created by: Jack

  1. Who created fnaf?
  2. How many children were killed?
  3. Who's the king of Fnaf?
  4. Who's the king of Fnaf World?
  5. Was someone a witness of the murder?
  6. How many guards are there?
  7. Who is he least liked?
  8. What does bb do?
  9. When is Fnaf 1 in the timeline?
  10. Lastly,who is most liked?
  11. Lastly,who is most liked?

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Quiz topic: Am I a true fnaf fan?