How well do you know FNaF?

Welcome to the ultimate FNaF quiz! Can you prove your Knowledge? You have come here for that reason right. This quiz covers everything FNaF related that was made by Scott Cawthon himself.

Are you the true Fan? the FNaF fandom is a broad one so show me what you are! (Please rate and comment so I know how to make my quizzes better! okay thanks)

Created by: Aquila

  1. Besides Chica, what Animatronic can access the Kitchen? (FNaF 1)
  2. What Animatronic killed Phone Guy? (FNaF 1)
  3. What Camera and what night(s) does Shadow Freddy appear? (FNaF 2)
  4. What can be heard in Mangle's Garble? (FNaF 2)
  5. In what location was Springtrap hidden until he was found? (FNaF 3)
  6. What survived the fire? (FNaF 3)
  7. What year did the fourth game take place? (FNaF 4)
  8. What is the hardest Animatronic to deal with? (FNaF 4)
  9. Is FNaF World Canon? (FNaF World)
  10. What is Shadow Bonnie's real name? (FNaF World)
  11. What is the murderer's name? (FNaF: The Silver Eyes)
  12. How did Charlie's father die? (FNaF: The Silver Eyes)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FNaF?