How well do you know FNaF: SL?

Today, we will see how well you know Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. I hope for the fans' sanities' sake that it is well. This will test it.

We will supply you with 10 questions. You must answer them correctly to get a good score. Badly leads to bad scores. Try to answer correctly. FNaF Fans Inc.

Created by: FNaF0Fans0Inc

  1. What is your name in the game?
  2. Who risks their neck to help you?
  3. Who can kill you in the gallery place? Also, I know it's name, just won't use it for classified reasons.
  4. Who doesn't kill you?
  5. Who accompanies you?
  6. Who can kill you during Funtime Freddy's maintenance?
  7. Who can kill you during the "Under the Desk" challenge from night 2?
  8. Who can kill you during the "Springlock" challenge of night 4?
  9. What is the device that removes your guts called?
  10. What is Circus Baby's famous line?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know FNaF: SL?