How much do you know about fnaf

Some people know a lot about five nights at Freddy's and others don't,but it really doesn't matter because we are all one big community,whether you spend years of theorising or just play the games.

Do you think you know fnaf?Now you can find out!!!If not check out By checking out the source code or turning up the brightness.Have fun!

Created by: Purple Guy

  1. Who is baby
  2. Who is crying child
  3. What is spring traps voice
  4. What camera is unavailable in fnaf 1
  5. What is fnaf
  6. Who doesn't do theories on fnaf
  7. Is fnaf linked with any real events
  8. what is Freddy's gender
  9. Who is the main charachter
  10. What is in every game

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about fnaf