identify five Nights at freddy's characters

this is a quiz over characters in various five nights at freddy's games. have fun and enjoy the quiz while surviving as freddy fazbears pizzeria security guard!

this quiz will test you to see if you have the skills to survive the night at Freddy's pizzeria overnight. every wrong question makes you lose power. you make more money for how much power is left. but getting through the night should be your main concern

Created by: Josh

  1. 12:00AM : who caused the bite of 87
  2. 12:30 AM : who is inside of lefty
  3. 1:00AM : Lefty's name is an acronym. what does it stand for.
  4. 1:30AM : who was involved in MURDER
  5. 2:00AM : what was the persons name that calls you on the phone?
  6. 2:30AM : which character comes down the left hall in FNAF 4
  7. 3:00AM : in UCN Dede in 50/20 mode is referred to what name
  8. 3:30AM : how does freddy make his way to the office?
  9. 4:00AM : what is the name of the amalgamation of wires in FNAF SL called
  10. 4:30AM : where does UCN take place
  11. 5:00AM : who is not a cannon FNAF character
  12. 5:59AM : who is the best game theorizer

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