Are You A True Fan Of Fortnite?

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I bet you already know what this game is, and played it before, but, this a test to see if you are a true fan or not of this global sensation: Fortnite!

I've made this quiz with hard dedication and perseverance. So please leave a good comment after your results, because everyone just loves and adores this game!

Created by: thicc boi

  1. 1. how much damage does a Heavy Sniper Rifle make?
  2. what is the chance of catching a mythic fish?
  3. What is the rarest skin?
  4. which came first: PvP or Battle Royale?
  5. How many weapons can you no scope with?
  6. can you spam with an SMG?
  7. what about combat?
  8. Hmm... shotgun?
  9. when was soccer skins added?
  10. last question: what is the SECOND rarest skin?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Fan Of Fortnite?