Are you a TRUE Emilie Autumn fan?

Many claim to be Muffins or Plague Rats of the amazing musician Emilie Autumn, but many are mistaken. This test is meant to pick out the real Asylum inmates from the wannabe's.

However, just because you pass this test with an 85% or above does NOT mean you are an EXPERT on our Goddess of the Asylum. It simply means you have enough knowledge to merely enter the Asylum. This is a beginner's test. Wait for the REAL one...

Created by: Wynter Nox Arcana of this site
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  1. Where does Emilie Autumn live?
  2. What does Emilie prefer to call her musical genre?
  3. What are two of Emilie's rat friends named?
  4. What instrument CAN Emilie play out of the instruments listed?
  5. Emilie has been a guest artist on which Adult Swim cartoon?
  6. Which song is NOT a part of Emilie's complete discography?
  7. How tall is Emilie?
  8. What is Emilie's favorite kind of tea?
  9. What type of violin does Emilie play?
  10. What has Emilie named her electric violin?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TRUE Emilie Autumn fan?